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When to visit Seychelles for your Honeymoon or Holiday

Before booking your Seychelles honeymoon or holiday, be sure to think about when to visit. You may want to time your holiday to catch a particular  festival, such as the Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival, or want an idea when is better for diving. 

Temperatures in the Seychelles stay fairly consistent, averaging 27°C over the year but almost always averaging between 24°C and 32°C, giving the destination an all year round appeal not found in many other locations. The hottest months are often March, April and May. 

What is the weather like in Seychelles

Though the Seychelles remains relatively dry, it is prone to rainfall throughout the year. As the Seychelles is a lush tropical island it is not uncommon for a sudden downpour of rain any time of the year. You may even find one part of the island is raining and the other completely dry.  There are very few long-lasting periods of rainfall, which means that you can usually hide from the rain in a cocktail bar or in your hotel room knowing that you’ll soon be enjoying the warmth and the sunshine again. 

The driest months are often May, June, July, August and September and the wettest months of the year are normally November, December and January, coinciding with the seasons in the UK. Fortunately, even the wettest months aren’t always a washout in Seychelles and can still be warm and sunny for a majority of the time. If visiting Seychelles between May to September the weather is drier but winds can be a bit stronger, making some of the beaches on the south and west coasts less accessible and less suitable for swimming

With the months of November, December and January being the wettest you might find that the best months to visit overall are October, February, March or April for a compromise between dry weather and a more gentle breeze.

Seasonal Seaweed

A large part of when to visit the Seychelles really comes down to the seasonal trade winds that cause seaweed to drift onto some of the beautiful coastal beaches. If visiting from May to September you might find some beaches on the southern coasts of Mahé and Praslin Island affected. From  October to  April  the beaches on Mahé are normally clearer of seaweed, but Praslin can still be prone to seaweed drifting on to it’s beaches.

While the winds and weather can be less than predictable, a seaweed free stretch of golden beach is rarely far away. For more details on this or any other Seychelles questions simply call us up to chat.

Seychelles events that might interest you

Annual events that you might want to experience include:

  • Fet Afrik – the Seychelles celebration of Africa Day, normally taking place at the end of May.
  • Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival – an annual celebration to raise awareness of sea turtle conservation, usually taking place in early August.
  • The Praslin Fiesta – an amazing art and cuisine event that takes place every year on the island of Praslin, in early September.
  • The Round Table Regatta – a popular event at the end of September, with live music performances and entertainment for everyone.
  • Festival Kreol – the most important event in the Seychelles event calendar, celebrating every aspect of Creole culture of Seychelles held in October.

Please view this as an indicative guide of the typical seasonal weather you could expect and not a definitive forecast.

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